TrueTear Treatment in Baltimore, MD

Introducing TrueTear – a bold new treatment for Dry Eye.

True TearWhat Causes Dry Eye?

Dry Eye occurs when the eye does not produce enough tears, or tears evaporate too quickly, to adequately bathe the surface of the eye, causing the eye to feel dry and painful.

What is TrueTear?

Belcara Health is proud to be one of few practices nationwide to offer TrueTear to patients suffering from Dry Eye. TrueTear is a revolutionary device that temporarily increases natural tear production with user-controlled neuro-stimulation.

Benefits to using TrueTear include:

  • It is drop-free and drug-free
  • It is easy to use and well-tolerated
  • It works quickly and puts you in control

TrueTear Technology: Neurostimulation

TrueTear causes your eyes to produce their own natural tears using tiny pulses of energy. These pulses activate a natural response through a clever technology called neurostimulation.

  1. The TrueTear tips stimulate a nerve in the nasal cavity with tiny pulses of energy, sending out nerve signals to the brain.
  2. The brain then sends nerve signals to the tear glands surrounding the eyes to temporarily increase tear production.
  3. The glands surrounding the eye react and temporarily produce real tears.

Devices & Controls

TrueTear is a prescription device that is simple to use, with just a few parts and only two buttons.

  • Carry Cover: Between uses, slide the cover on to protect the TrueTear tips and prevent accidentally pressing buttons when you’re on the move.
  • Buttons: Press the + button for two seconds to turn TrueTear on. Use the +/- buttons to change the strength; the device will vibrate gently. Press the – button for two seconds to turn it off. It’s as easy as that.
  • LED Lights: When you turn on TrueTear, all the LEDs light up briefly. The blue LEDs indicate the strength level from 1-5.
  • Disposable Tip: Each disposable tip should be replaced daily or every 24 hours. To change the tip, hold the TrueTear base unit firmly and snap it off. Unseal a new disposable tip, line up the post on the underside of the tip with the base notch, and snap it onto the base unit.
  • Charger: To charge TrueTear, just snap off the disposable tip, invert the base unit and rest it in the charger. Charging can take up to four hours, but a full charge typically lasts all day. It’s a good idea to charge TrueTear at night.

True TearTrue TearTrue Tear True Tear

Is TrueTear right for me?

You are a good candidate for the TrueTear device if you:

  • Are at least 22 years old
  • Have dry eye from inadequate tear production
  • Do not have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted or wearable defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device.
  • Do not have a known hypersensitivity to the hydro-gel material that contacts the nasal mucous
  • Do not have a chronic bleeding disorder

Dr. Adler, our on-site opthalmologist will help you determine whether TrueTear is an appropriate treatment for your Dry Eye condition. Schedule your appointment today by calling (410) 296-0414 or contact us online. We also offer IPL treatment for Dry Eye.

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