Wellness Consultation

Complete the form below to get started with a Wellness Consultation that will develop a health plan based on the knowledge we gain from advanced diagnostic testing, your body composition analysis, a review of your medical history, and, most important, a discussion with you regarding your current symptoms, concerns, body goals, and desires.

The Belcara Health Comprehensive Wellness Approach

At Belcara Health, we use an innovative, comprehensive wellness approach to your care, which includes the following elements:

Step 1: Diagnostic Assessment

Our proprietary assessment strategy sets us apart and enables us to help you achieve the results you desire. Through this assessment, we gain a thorough understanding of your medical history, lifestyle, concerns, and wellness goals.

Step 2: Diagnostic Testing

Our testing incorporates the use of the most cutting-edge technology and applicable testing to help us understand what is happening inside your body. We utilize the InBody77 Body Composition Analysis to first help us break down the components of your body, in terms of fat, muscle, skeletal mass, and body water. Additionally, we conduct diagnostic serum, saliva, and stool testing (when applicable) to determine the root cause of your concerns and physical condition.

Step 3: Education

We will discuss your assessment and review your treatment options in detail. We believe that knowledge is empowering and that it is critical for you to understand your body’s condition and the treatment options available to you, so you can make informed decisions.

Step 4: Design

Together, we will create a strategic treatment plan that works with your body and lifestyle to achieve your wellness goals.

At Belcara Health, we have very high standards for patient care and are proud of our reputation for providing outstanding service in a warm, friendly environment. Our practitioners are specialists in their respective fields, and committed to providing you with the best, most well-rounded comprehensive wellness experience. Our beautiful, luxurious facility, located in Baltimore, Maryland was designed with the privacy, comfort, and convenience of our patients in mind. We are continuously improving our knowledge, technology, and services to provide better care for our patients every day. Our goal is for you to feel you receive the best care you’ve ever experienced every time you visit.