Breast Revision for Capsular Contracture

Breast revision case details

As part of the healing process following a breast augmentation procedure, the body naturally forms a layer of scar tissue surrounding the implants. In most cases, the capsule is thin and soft. However, for this patient, the capsules around her implants contracted, causing her breasts to become hard, uncomfortable and misshapen.

Dr. Michael Cohen performed a capsulectomy to alleviate her discomfort and improve the look and feel of her breasts.  During the procedure, Dr. Cohen removed the scar tissue and replaced her implants.

Breast Revision at Belcara Health

Breast correction surgery requires extensive training and experience, an artistic eye, the ability to problem-solve and a dedication to keeping informed about new and innovative techniques and technologies – all key attributes of our board certified surgeons.

Breast Revision Specialist, Dr. Michael Cohen, is one of the most acclaimed Breast Revision surgeons in the country, renowned for providing patients with the outstanding results.  With over 25 years of experience, keen eye and exceptional skill, Dr. Cohen can help you achieve the beautiful breasts  you desire.

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