Breast Augmentation with Lift to correct Asymmetry

This patient is a 27-year-old professional businesswoman who’s breasts developed asymmetrically. The left breast was more ptotic, or “droopy” than the right, a condition that had bothered her immensely since adolescents. In addition to correcting her asymmetry, she wished to improve the overall shape and positioning of both breasts in a way that would look natural and more proportionate to her overall body.

Breast implant before & after
Breast implant before & after

To address this patient’s concerns, Dr. Michael D. Cohen, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Breast Specialist, recommended a Breast Augmentation with Lift procedure, also known as augmentation-mastopexy. With this procedure, carefully selected breast implants are used to increase the size of one or both breasts while raising the breast tissue as needed. The size and position of the breasts are carefully arranged to improve:

  • symmetry;
  • nipple positioning;
  • firmness;
  • size; and
  • overall body proportionality.

Implant Options

Implant choice is a key component to achieving a balanced, natural-looking result. Today, there is a wide range of breast implant options available. In addition to size, implant options include type, texture, shape, profile, and material.

Breast implant options

After listening closely to this patient’s concerns and goals and carefully assessing her breast’s shape, skin and tissue condition and overall body dimensions, Dr. Cohen recommended silicone memory gel implants: 225cc Moderate Plus Profile, Smooth, Round for the right breast and a 125cc Moderate Plus Profile, Smooth, Round for the left breast.

The Procedure

In addition to Augmentation on both breasts, this patient’s right breast required a circumventricular lift. During this procedure, Dr. Cohen re-positioned the patient’s breast tissue to improve its position and firmness, and inserted the implant to further improve the breast’s shape and volume. A Lift procedure involves strategic incisions that are always placed as inconspicuously as possible and closed for optimal fading.

Dr. Cohen performed this procedure in Belcara Health’s Clarkview Surgical Center, which is AAAHC accredited and located onsite for the patient’s privacy, comfort, and convenience. The patient returned home hours after the procedure and was back to work 5 days later.


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