What Does Good Plastic Surgery Look Like?

A woman who previously had plastic surgery lies on a bed.

Our collective sense of what’s aesthetically pleasing or stylish changes with time. Just as your favorite clothes from 20 years ago might embarrass you if you wore them today, the “ideal” plastic surgery outcomes of yesteryear aren’t as appealing in this day and age. As a plastic surgeon in Baltimore, I’ve seen a spike in interest in subtler improvements, as evidenced by the rise of nonsurgical procedures, fat transfer, and more efficient techniques. Let’s take a look at what the trend toward natural and subtle means for 3 of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country:

Breast Augmentation

Augmented breasts of the 1980s and 1990s looked a lot different than they do today. In fact, the best implants won’t look like implants at all—they’ll look like beautiful, soft breasts that harmonize with the woman’s other proportions. Previously, breast implants (often made with ingredients that are no longer allowed) were meant to be large and “eye popping.” But today’s advancements in both surgical techniques, as well as the implants themselves, have given way to more natural-looking breasts. With less invasive techniques during surgery as well as softer, more natural-feeling implants available in a variety of sizes, most breast augmentation patients can go as small and subtle as they want.


In the past, the “ideal nose” looked the same for pretty much everyone. It was small and symmetrical, like a Barbie doll’s nose. While that look certainly does work for a certain subset of people, today’s rhinoplasty is much more cognizant of each patient’s unique features, anatomy, and ethnic background (especially when it’s performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon). This allows surgeons to create results that are completely customized, right down to the smallest detail. Today’s rhinoplasty patients often want to make smaller, more subtle changes that preserve some of the unique qualities of their own—gone are the days of the “mass produced” rhinoplasty.

Face Lift

An unrefined technique is to blame for the “stretched out” face lift results of yesteryear. Previous techniques limited improvement to the topmost layers of the skin and muscle, creating a result that looked a little windblown. Today’s face lift is a bit more invasive and lifts the deeper structures of the face (in addition to tightening skin) for a result that actually looks quite natural and can last for more than a decade.

Only the precision and expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you achieve the results you want. At Belcara Health, we have a qualified team of top-tier plastic surgeons ready to help you bring out the best in yourself—whether it’s a natural look that’s just for you or a more significant transformation that turns heads.

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