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Dr. Cohen eases minds regarding FDA report on BIA-ALCL

Wednesday, March 22 – Dr. Michael Cohen explains the recent FDA report on BIA-ALCL on WMARtv.  CLICK to see video Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is  an extremely rare and highly treatable type of lymphatic cancer that can develop around breast implants (not a cancer of the breast tissue). The FDA’s statement acknowledged …

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Essential Advice for Exercising After Breast Augmentation

You feel fabulous. You look incredible. Your breast augmentation is everything you hoped it would be. But how do you resume exercising after your procedure? Rest assured, exercise is perfectly safe after a breast augmentation. In fact, your doctor will encourage you to resume exercising within a few weeks of your surgery. For the best …

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choosing breast implant size

4 Things You Need to Know About Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

There are a thousand reasons why someone would choose . After a baby, pregnancy, your breasts may begin to droop or sag or may suddenly become asymmetrical. Perhaps you have recently lost a significant amount of weight, and suddenly your breasts are not sitting where they were before. Maybe you have always struggled with asymmetrical …

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breast implant options and sizes

How to Choose Breast Implants

If you’re considering breast enhancement, this is a perfect time. Having surgery now means you’ll be ready to look your best this summer. Breast Augmentation is a wonderful solution for women who wish to have a more feminine figure. There are many benefits to enhancing a woman’s breast shape and size, including: Creates a more proportioned, attractive silhouette Boosts …

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breast augmentation and enhancement in summer

Considering Breast Augmentation? (Summer is the Perfect Time!)

Be Ready For Summer! If you’re considering breast enhancement, now the PERFECT time to schedule your consultation. Having surgery now means you’ll be ready to look your best this summer! Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and is an ideal solution for women who wish to have a more feminine figure. Breast enlargement procedures …

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breast augmentation recovery

Breast Augmentation: What is Recovery REALLY Like?

The biggest question potential patients ask during a consultation is... What will my breast augmentation recovery be like? While recovery varies from patient to patient, there are a few things that every patient can expect to experience. You can expect to be a bit groggy on surgery day - Our breast augmentation procedures are performed …

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How Much Do Breast Implants Cost

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

Every smart investor will examine three things when considering a new investment opportunity - cost, risk, and the potential rate of return.  The same three considerations can be applied to the decision to improve your appearance with breast enhancement surgery. Risk Every surgical procedure carries a certain amount of risk.  Our Breast Specialists, Dr. Michael …

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female model in bra

Now is the PERFECT Time for Breast Augmentation

Spring is a time of change and growth for all of nature. If you’re catching spring fever and want to enhance your body's shape, this is the perfect time to consider Breast Augmentation because having surgery now means that you’ll be ready to look your best this summer. What to expect if you call today: Consultation …

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breast augmentation advertisement

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Enhancing your figure with breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is one of today’s most popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgeries and is an ideal solution for achieving a beautiful figure. Breast enlargement procedures enhance a woman’s breast shape and size, resulting in a shapelier body contour and beautiful silhouette. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE SMART WOMAN'S GUIDE TO …

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female model breasts close up

Self-Conscious about Your Breasts?

Are you self-conscious about the size and shape of your breasts? Like many women, you want to feel confident about your appearance and your figure. Maybe you wish your breasts were fuller to nicely fill out that cocktail dress with the plunging neckline you’ve had your eye on, or even a new form-fitting top for …

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